About Cheryl Ayer

Cheryl Ayer
Cheryl Ayer has been interested in the arts since childhood. She is fascinated by how different designs and color combinations affect our moods and responses.

Cheryl received her Master's Degree in Education from California State Los Angeles with a minor in art; her independent art project, a very large mixed media sculpture composed of ceramics and glass, was the only student work selected for exhibition on the campus grounds.

That project piqued Cheryl's interest in glass; she wanted to learn more. First she experimented with stained glass. Later on, she learned of a class in fused glass and enrolled without knowing anything about it. She has been working with fused glass ever since. Her work focuses primarily on jewelry and tableware.

A few years ago, she was excited to discover the vibrant glass-making community in the Seattle-Tacoma area. Inspired by her visits to that area, she soon established a small private studio in the Los Angeles area where she is able to create her own work and accommodate small workshops.

Cheryl offers glass workshops for a variety of age groups. The popularity of her workshops is due in large part to her generous and caring nature and her skills as a teacher—she has over 30 years of teaching experience with both children and adults, and was once chosen as LAUSD's Teacher of the Year.

Cheryl devoted a significant part of her teaching career to working with children with special needs. She continues to offer glass workshops to these children, who delight in the experience of making glass objects.